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                  YNU overseas student helps cheer up Chinese people

                  Updated: 2020-02-13

                  Liang Zhengyi, an overseas student from Cambodia currently studying at the School of Art and Design at Yunnan University, hopes to host a ceramics exhibition when the current novel coronarivus epidemic is over, according to university officials.

                  On Jan 15, led by tutor Wu Baiyu, Liang and another four students came to Jianshui, YNU’s teaching base, to continue learning about Chinese ceramic art.

                  It was Liang’s seventh time in Jianshuia, where he was set to finish his graduation design that is themed on China-Cambodia ceramic art exchanges conducted under the Belt and Road Initiative.

                  However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Liang and his colleagues have been restricted to staying at the teaching base for learning and creation since Jan 23.

                  According to Liang, the epidemic didn’t bring much trouble for him, but made him feel warmth from and solidarity with his teachers, schoolmates and the Chinese people.

                  “Teachers and students have given me a great deal of  guidance and help in my studies, as well as in daily life. Teacher Wu purchased living and studying supplies for me, just like a member of my family,” Liang said.

                  Liang also learned some Chinese cooking from his schoolmates and promised to show off his new culinary skills to his parents during his frequent video chats with them.

                  Liang said he is paying close attention to the epidemic situation. He donated some of his living expenses to Hubei province and designed some ceramics with his schoolmates, to cheer along the people of Wuhan, who are living in the epicenter of the outbreak.

                  ynu 1.jpg

                  Liang Zhengyi shows off his ceramic work. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

                  ynu 2.jpg

                  Ceramic works designed by Liang Zhangyi and his schoolmates aim to cheer up the people of Wuhan. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]


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